1. Dimensional Inspections

Dimensional Inspections

Dimensional inspection is a key process of every manufacturing sector. 

Dimensional Inspection ensures that the size of an artefact is compliant with its construction design. This is simply what sits at the heart of ALTO. The testing and measurement operations are carried out directly at the customer site using advanced technologies such as laser trackersanthropomorphic arms, industrial total station and photogrammetry. With its excellence in high precision, ALTO has establish itself in Middle East and Far East as a sector-leading company.

ALTO technical department offers comprehensive advice at every stage, from best technology research to dimensional measurement, the uncertainty associated with calculation measures based on conditioning environmental parameters and the right type of report required. In special cases, our experienced staff also deals with specific design of measurement tools. 

On completion of every test, the ALTO operators verify the compliance with the required parameters, documenting and certifying the tests results for the client. ALTO performs dimensional tests for various sectors, from aerospace to automotive, steel industry, energy, nuclear physics, shipbuilding and petrochemical. Contact us for further information.

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