1. DImensional Measurements and Metrology Made in Italy

ALTO – Dimensional measurement services.

ALTO LLC is the UAE branch of AXIST operating throughout the GCC region including Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia.

The company became specialized in applications based at its clients’ premises, using a wide  family of portable instruments and providing his in field engineers with specific skills in order to undertake this kind of work.

 The Italian market is covered using the three local offices the company has in this country: Rivoli- North of Italy , Naples and Taranto ( both in South).
This way the travelling costs are reduced as well as the lead time for the interventions.
Abroad AXIST can rely on a branch in Romania ( since 2006 ) and on a partnership with East Coast Metrology in the USA  and on the join venture Alto LLC at Abu Dhabi to cover the East

In the Axist AE was founded in Dubai in 2012 in order to serve Middle Eastern areas more effectively.

Since its inception, Axist has focused mainly on the aviation and automotive industries with the addition of aerospace, steel, energy, nuclear physics, naval industry and Oil & Gas.

Axist goal is to care his customers’ products in term of compliance with their project.
This job is carried on not only at our customers facilities , but also at their suppliers. Axist’ working approach is not only limited to the dimensional inspection area, but extended in the direction to provide corrective strategies to our customers in case they need.

Step by Step ... 2001 to present.

  • 2001-2004

    Axist has been established in 2001 with a minority share of Esic (nowadays Groupe FIT) a leader in France for industrial measurements , topography and photogrammetry. The main market was  automotive  (car design and prototypes, equipment and bodywork production lines) and moulds (moulds for steel and plastic, moulds for foundries).

  • 2004-2006

    The company’s turnover in aviation rapidly increases and also the company investment in laser trackers.
    Axist becomes a supplier for Alenia ( Finmeccanica Group)

  • 2006

    AXIST Romania is founded due to the increasing number of suppliers  producing equipment for the automotive industry.
    Meanwhile, an agreement with Alenia Aeronautica is reached to carry out dimensional inspections on 787 fuselage production. Acquisition of two laser radars. The Axist team is awarded by the Boeing accreditation.

  • 2006-2007

    Axist is involved in the Airbus A380 project for the automation of the automatic riveting system of fuselage skins and in the Boeing 787 program from the opening of the Alenia plant in Grottaglie. 
    Axist also becomes the Italian distributor of Spatial Analyzer, an advanced metrology software package. At the same time, its asset in terms of equipments grows to over ten laser trackers.

  • 2008

    Axist completes the IPROMES European project for developing an optical system as a potential replacement of expansive assembly jigs.

  • 2009

    Axist increases its presence on the energy market, in heavy industry and the automation of testing processes.

  • 2012

    Axist consolidates its position in the Middle East by setting up Axist Services JLT in Dubai , now becomes ALTO LLc, a JV with a local investor.
    In the same time a commercial agreement has been set with East Cost Metrology for the north American market.

  • 2012-2014

    Axist distributes on the Italian market high tech product to support his customers: laser projectors for carbon fiber lay-up, Delta Sigma projectors for the manual assembly process, Dufieux machines for the mechanical milling of fuselage skins as replacement of the traditional chemical milling.

  • 2015

    Axist keeps the focus on the Research and Development and becomes partner of the research center Cetma , located in Brindisi. The company develops advanced systems for machines tools calibration and augmented reality.


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