1. Dimensional Testing in the Aviation Industry

Dimensional Testing in the Aviation Industry

The aerospace sector is commonly recognized to be the one with the highest request in terms of dimensional inspection and testing.

dimensional testing aviation

Here,  ALTO is known as one of the main  players and can rely on a consolidated expertise, especially in civil aviation and rotary wings.

The offer in this specific area is very structured and includes:

Dimensional inspection of aero structures and parts;
- Design of new assembly jigs and tool or revamping of existing ones;
Automation of measurements processes;
- Assembling process assisted by laser trackers and other measuring instruments;
- Secondary structures mounting or composite lay-up process assisted by laser projectors
First Article Inspection (FAI) and management of non-compliances (MRR);
Alignments of antennas onboard satellites and  radio telescope antennas measurements using photogrammetric systems;
- Specific consultancy related to innovation in the manufacturing processes.

... bringing to altitude the quality of our services.


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