1. Leica T-Probe

Leica T-Probe

Lightweight, compact, intuitive and more accurate than any other hand-held probe in the world. 

The Leica T-Probe not only boasts 6 degrees of freedom - it is simply the ultimate measurement device. 
Now featuring longer styles, the Leica T-probe reaches a flow rate of 30 m on any dimension.  

PowerLock: For the first time in the history of laser trackers, the laser beam shifts towards the user and not vice versa.  More convenient, compact and lighter than any other comparable solutions. The wider armless operation up to 30 m reduces inspections by at least 50%. The angle acceptance is wider than any similar system: pitch ± 45°, ± 45° yaw, 360° roll.

Features and Benefits: 

Battery powered for wireless operation and increased productivity.  - Longer battery life thanks to the automatic shutdown mode. – The automatic sensor identification reduces operator errors
Multi-function buttons for single applications.  
- One-hand use and right/left hand capabilities. 
- Compatible with a wide range of Renishaw styli 100 mm, 200 mm and lengths.  -  Battery status visual indication for sensor, measurement and process information.  -  process information acoustic signaling.  
Insensitive to ambient light  of 1,000 points / s acquisition speed.  tracking speed> 1 m / s.  Uncertainty of three-dimensional points (MPE) : U3D = 100 uM under 7 m       U3D + = 30 micron 10 micron / meter over 7m.   spatial length measurement uncertainty (MPE) : Ui = ± 60 m below the 8.5 m Ui = ± 7 micron / meter over 8.5 m. sphere radius measurement uncertainty (MPE): Ur = ± 20 pM + 2 micron / meter.  Hooking/quick release and styles automatic recognition for replacement without recalibration. 

Leica Absolute Tracker AT 901-B Compatibility 
Compatible with Leica T-Cam: NO Compatible with Leica T-Probe: NO Compatible with Leica T-Scan: NO Compatible with Leica T-Mac: NO 

Measurement Volume  
Typical Volume (Ø): 160 mHorizontal : 360° Vertical:  ± 45° / 360° 

Leica Absolute Tracker AT-901 MR Compatibility 
Compatible with Leica T-Cam: YES Compatible with Leica T-Probe: YES Compatible with Leica T-Scan: YES Compatible with Leica T-Mac: YES 
Measurement Volume 
Typical Volume ( Ø) : 50 m Horizontal: 360 ° Vertical:  ± 45° / 360° 

Leica Absolute Tracker AT 901-LR Compatibility 
Compatible with Leica T-Cam: YES Compatible with Leica T-Probe: YES Compatible with Leica T-Scan: YES Compatible with Leica T-Mac: YES 
Measurement Volume  
Typical Volume (Ø): 160 m Horizontal : 360° Vertical:   ± 45° / 360°