1. Leica Total Station - TDRA6000

Leica Total Station - TDRA6000

The most precise laser station ever designed for industrial use.

The new Leica TDRA6000 is the ultimate laser station designed for accuracy in industrial use. 
This new Leica Geosystems laser station can automatically target both CCR and that retro-reflective target  and measurements can also be performed by maintaining a typical 1 mm reflectorless accuracy. Optimised for use within 300 meters and combined with the Leica Geosystems PowerSearch module, the tracking performance of the new Leica TDRA6000 is quite simply unbeatable.  
The new sensor has been designed from scratch through a brand new Leica Geosystems proprietary technology. The new motor are based on piezo technology, allowing to reach speeds and accelerations up to four times faster than before whilst maintaining a micron positioning. 

The power consumption of this technology is very low, it requires minimal maintenance and is noiseless. Combined with the right software package like the DCP05 or Microlog, the Leica Laser Station TDRA6000 is an industrial metrology solution that seats on the highest levels of the market.

Accuracies of Total Station 3D point accuracy on the measurement uncertainty of a "U xyz " coordinate is defined as the deviation between a measured coordinate and the nominal coordinate of that point. This measurement uncertainty is a function of the distance between the Laser Station and the measured point. The accuracy stated below is achieved with Red Ring 1.5 "Leica Geosystems reflectors and "Precise" measuring mode.

The specifications are intended as Maximum Allowable Error (MPE). 
Typical results are ½ MPE. U xyz = + / - 0.5mm (on a less than 30m volume of) U xyz = + / - 0.3mm + 13um / m  (on a greater than 30m volume) 

Advanced Search 
Advanced Search: 1.5 '' RRR & BRR maximum Volume: 100 m minimum distance:   2 m Seek Time:   <5 s 

General Information 
telescope Magnification:   30x Range of focus: from 1.7 m to infinity keyboard and Display: Display: ¼ VGA, colour touch screen, on both sides keyboard: 34 keys, illuminated data storage: internal memory: 256 MB memory Card: CompactFlash Card 256 MB or 1 GBInterfaces: RS232, Bluetooth® Wireless Operation: Three flows in endless rotation for use in one or two hands.  precision Trigger key for manual measurements. internal power management:  lithium-ion external power management:  AC power station Weight: 7.6 kg 

Environmental Specifications
operating Temperature:   -20 ° C to + 50 ° C Dust / water:   (IEC 60529) IP54 Humidity: 95% (non-condensing) 

3D point reproducibility 
the reproducibility of 3D points "P RE " is defined as the standard deviation between multiple measurements of a 3D point and is a function of the distance between the Laser Station and the measured point. The accuracy stated below is achieved with Leica Geosystems 0.5 "TBR and / or RFI reflectors in "Precise" measurement mode". Volume P RE  ≤ 30 m ± 0.2 mm 

1.5 '' RRR & BRR Max Volume: 600 m Distance min: 2 m accuracy (MPE): 0.5 mm     0.5 ''
TBR & RFI max size: 600 m 
Distance min: 2 m accuracy (MPE) : 0.5 mm
Reflective tape max size: 600 m Distance min: 5 maccuracy (MPE): 1 mm Without reflector max
 : 600 m Distance min : 2 m accuracy (MPE) : 2 mm

1.5 '' RRR & BRR max Volume: 600 m Distance min: 2 m Accuracy (MPE) : +/- 0.3 mm + 13 um / m  0.5 ''
TBR & RFI max size: 400 m Distance min: 2 m Accuracy (MPE): N / A 
Reflective tape  Volume max: 40 m Distance min: 5 m Accuracy (MPE): +/- 2 mm