1. Measurements in the Steel industry

Measurements in the Steel Industry

ALTO also operate in Steel plant and Aluminium plant.

steel metrology

ALTO also operates in the steel industry, boasting equipment that can considerably enhance the quality of the end product. Laser trackers and total stations used in the alignment of continuous casting and rolling mills can reduce measurement times and increase absolute precision and repeatability to new levels. 
These tools are interfaced to a program that allows you to:

- Generate reference systems;

Line up anywhere on similarities between different positions;

Report all measures to a single reference system, ensuring measurement reliability.

With specific regard to flows, the critical part is the curve alignment and its correlation with the upper part, casting tower and oscillator. 
The laser tracker allows to use a single reference system set up at the beginning of the session. Yet the references of any dime are unique and allow precise measurement according to drawing dimensions.


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