1. Metrology for Power Stations

Metrology for Power Stations

ALTO performs dimensional measurement operations both in gas and hydroelectric power plants. 

metrology power stations

In these two sectors it is paramount to check the frequency alignments and clearances between the various machines’ components such as engines and generators. 

The ALTO team provides direct assistance in the handy tools count, which are easily transportable and with extremely accurate measurements that can also be performed underground, to detect the adequate geometry for the design of the interface zones of replacement components.

The services offered in the energy sector are listed below:

- Revamping of existing plants, where it is necessary to perform measurements during the replacement of the rotors to ensure compatibility with the stator body;

Verification of shaft alignment;

Monitoring any shift of the shaft that may have occurred during the life cycle of the power plants.

Concentricity, balance and size of the components are at the heart of their proper and efficient operations.


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